Forest management planning in Slovakia

Forest management Slovakia

Andrea Majlingova from Technical University Zvolen, Slovakia, will be speaking on a seminar about “Forest management planning in Slovakia with advanced decision support tools” on the 27th of October at the Forestry Auditorium from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisbon, Portugal.

Abstract of the Seminar provided by Andrea Majlingova  :

“Forests serve a multitude of purposes and address many different, often conflicting, goals to satisfy the needs of forest owners and users, forest industry, and society at large. This poses considerable challenges to forest managers. The need for enhanced forest decision support systems (DSSs) is evident in several EU documents related to the future role of European forests. Forest DSSs allow the forest managers to use the advanced decision support tools, such as expert and knowledge based systems, multi-criteria techniques as well as communication and visualization tools. The experience with developing and applying forest DSSs for forest management provides a solid foundation for technological innovation and collaboration between partner institutions. “