Stone pine in Portugal

Pinus pinea

Stone pine (Pinus pinea) is a forest tree species native from the Mediterranean basin, so its a native species in Portugal. In fact the Iberian Peninsula account for around 75% from all stone pine distribution in the world.  Stone pine is very well adapted to the Mediterranean in particular is quite drought resistant. Thus, Stone pine is able to cope well in many regions in Portugal where there are not so many  tree species able to do it. This makes Pinus pinea an interesting species from environmental reasons. In addition there has been recently in Portugal highly affected areas of Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) by the pine wilt nematode to which Stone pine has been showing resistance. Still, apart from this talents from Stone pine probably one of the most interesting aspects are the pine nuts produced by this species. Such pine nuts are an highly appreciated delicatessen and attain high values in the market making Stone pine very interesting from the economic point of view.  Despite all these interest aspects from Stone pine there is still a large of lack of research in this species and that is why I believe would be a great step forward if PINEA Project would be approved. Right now PINEA project is waiting to be evaluated let’s see if a chance will be given for such an interesting species.

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  1. Dear Mr Fontes,
    I am quite interested in stone pine and hence the pinea project. Having researched a bit (say, shopped around on the internet for quite a while), I must admit effectively a lot of contradicting information is published relating to productivity, tree density, even maturity of pinus pinea.
    Can you be of help ?
    Best regards,

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